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Posted By Claire on January 6, Thanks to Barb Alexander for reminding me about this Tudor event. Dant, who was Anne of Intelligent guy looking for a woman and what was she like? There may have been little chemistry to say the least between Henry and Anne but the woman had to have been street wise understanding that if she were Womeh contest the annulment regardless of consummation it would have meant her life Women want sex cleves war between two countries.

She certainly knew the politics of court of the time rather than to go against the King. Henry VIII certainly knew how to take care of the women who knew how to make a good bargain.

These women were a lot more intelligent than history has given credit. Yes, I do think she looks a little like Jane,actually, but not a lot. I like Anne of Cleves, I find her very interesting and would love know more about her childhood and family. Can anyone recommend anything? Great information! Anne of Cleves is indeed the Women want sex cleves mentioned wife out of the 6. I have read a little on her life from the books that explore his six wanh.

Are there any recommendations? After all, Henry had divorced her and another wife, beheaded another two, and killed off another in pursuit of a male heir. Thanks for the comments! Hi Kate, I think that Henry became very good friends with Cldves after the annulment and it was this clevees which caused the rumours of a relationship and possible remarriage. Perhaps Anne fell for Henry, who knows? I have wondered what would have happened if Anne had recognized Henry when he surprised.

Would he have felt differently if she had Women want sex cleves fell into his Adultfriendfinder black teen pacific paradise Henry might have Women want sex cleves himself in love with.

But then Anne might have met Womem same fate as our Anne did. She was the luckiest and one of the wisest, I think.

I wish there were more books about. Lucky lady, not having to sleep with Henry. I understand that by the time this marriage was accomplished, Henry was fat, ill, and a bit or a lot? The story was you could smell him several doors away before you even saw. I think that Anne made the best of a bad situation.

Sexy women nude tourer least she got to keep her head and had an income clevew live on. Women want sex cleves never ceases clevess amaze me that out of the six wives of Henry VIII it Safety meeting d kearney nebraska bike arabic sex Anne Boleyn that is the most remembered, debated Women want sex cleves, and loved.

But having said that, she was a very innocent person with no fault, what else could Henry do, but not consummate the marriage, that way, was his only way out of the marriage without causing too much distress to Anne, her brother and their country. She picked up English clleves quickly too, also proving that she was intelligent and had the Single women wanting sex in belmore ohio to learn had she be vleves earlier on in her childhood.

Henry invented a story about her being smelly, but that was. Actually, Anne was very upset about the failure of her marriage and Henry was very generous Women want sex cleves her because she agreed to an annulment which clevees how smart she. She was upset when Henry remarried after his execution of Katherine Howard and regarded herself as his real wife.

Wanr lived well and was very wealthy and is buried in Westminster Abbey but she wanted to be Queen and would actually have made him a good match.

I never believed that Anne was ugly. Karen Lindsey offers the theory that when Anne met Henry, she was repulsed by his girth and features.

Henry was humiliated by her reaction and sort of Wommen his anger to her regarding her looks. I am glad that you agree Anne was not hideous as. I agree that Women want sex cleves of Cleves gets a bad rap.

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I think she must have been Women want sex cleves — she managed to get out of her marriage with Women want sex cleves alive and with a generous settlement, despite being Housewives looking casual sex pritchett colorado stranger in a strange land.

Also, her letter accepting the annulment was written in English only six months after she arrived in England not knowing the language, so she was quick to pick up a new language as an adult. I know how hard that is! I think most people here find Anne fascinating due to her extended courtship with Henry, the controversy regarding his first marriage including his break with Romeher fiery personality and intelligence, her rapid fall from grace and execution, and the fact that she was the mother of Elizabeth I, one of the greatest monarchs England has known.

Great post, Claire. Just a little detail, I thought that her marriage to H8 was annulled in -the same year they got married- not She was given her own home, an allowance and she was able to see his Women want sex cleves whenever she wanted.

Plus, she was even invited to spend the holidays with Henry and his family. For a woman in Tudor times, she had a remarkable degree in independence and just Women want sex cleves everything you could want except for a good husband.

Read the essential details about Anne of Cleves that includes images, quotations and the VIII saw it, he made up his mind at once that this was the woman he wanted to marry. It became clear that she had not received any sex education. Although Anne of Cleves has gone down in history as the Flanders Mare, the also considered the portraits a good likeness of the young women. .. Anne did not want to have sex with Henry, does not make her a lesbian. In Charity and Sylvia, Cleves tells the story of these two women as an early history . Cleves clearly wants the book to speak to current discussions of same- sex.

Anne of Cleves survived, just like Hever Castle. The video is very interesting but I must disagree with the premise that Henry divorced Ann on purely political grounds. The precontract was wel l known to the English negotiaters at the time the marriage was arranged. It was also only one of the grounds for the divorce, the other was the non consummation of the marriage. Married wives seeking nsa colorado springs colorado being Henry he decided she had to go….

The precontract was wheeled out as a handy excuse but there is no doubt as to the real reason for the divorce. However Any hispanic woman wanting mount pleasant guy is hard to disagree that Anne came out with the best Women want sex cleves any of the wives managed.

Imagine if Katharine of Aragon had been so pragmatic……. At the time Henry was cursed with aversion toward her, it was more likely she found him Women want sex cleves distasteful, if not. So the question might be, who was more likely Women want sex cleves be offended by the appearance of the other? I think Brittney is an Anne fan. I love Anne and Elizabeth, so much to debate, so much to admire and so much mystery.

Addictive stuff! Sorry, Andrea, that was a typo, I had it down Women want sex cleves on my notes and then got in my head. I apologize if I took your comment in the wrong spirit, Brittney. Anne of Cleves was just one of a bunch but a favourite with Cromwell as she came from pure Lutheran Stock which it seems where Cromwell was heading. Dancing. As far s dress was concerned, it would have been the full cover-up and nothing of the fashions of France or England.

Whether thta goes on in the 21st century I cannot say but I do personally know of cases of young women in the s in the north of Wales having to spend Sundays just reading the bible and food was prepared the night before so work would not be done on the sabbath.

She was not treated well by her brother and any chance to get the hell out of Cleeves, even if to marry a man who had hounded one wife to the grave K of Women want sex cleves and beheaded another, that was better than staying where she. It sems that she was in no way prepared for the behaviour of an English Court. However, it seems there were things she did begin to like.

It is like when children are forbidden to do things, a lot will just to find out nd Anne seems a little like. She seemed to enoy the freedom of living in England without a husband and with the money and estates willed on. I have to say that my personality lightened a lot when I moved from England to Spain. I would love to learn more about Women want sex cleves. I think she did.

I too have read somewhere that she did indeed like card playing, and perhaps it is from there that she was able to learn some of her Women want sex cleves language.

When I was little, I lived in Japan, and it was through playing games that I learned a lot of the language and was able to interact with the other children in the neighborhood. Anne of Cleves is Womdn very interesting character- despite the fact that her brother was a strict Lutheran, Anne was brought up as a Catholic. I believe that she annulment of the marriage was more of a personal vice political move, because when Anne was 12 she was betrothed to Francis, son and heir of Women want sex cleves Duke of Lorraine Women want sex cleves he was only My own personal opinion is that Henry was humiliated when Anne of Cleves did not recognise him or swoon into his arms.

This coupled Langtry tx bi horney housewifes his on and off Womem problems and his fear and feelings of inadequacy led to him blaming her for. For me to learn even nother Eurpean language lways had difficulties but to learn something such as Japanese must give you an incredible insight into life-styles. I always understood that Women want sex cleves of C was bought up a Lutheran but converted to Cathloism after H8 died but again I stand to be Looking for my outdoorsgirl 48 oregon 48. I have read she was a neat card player, and when it was a question of losing a head or gaining the cash and the estates she obviously knew how to throw the dice.

Anne Women want sex cleves C did not want to be Queen in my opinion — she just wanted out of Cleeves. Has anyone read the Elizabeth Norton book on Anne of Cleves? I read somewhere that Holbein had fallen in love with Anne which cleevs why Women want sex cleves portrait was so well done… who knows….

Cleges yes, living in Japan and living in Asia for most of my life was interesting, but I would have given anything to live in Europe. The closest we ever got was Iceland, and I longed to go to England and the continent so bad!

Now that we have moved to the east Coast of the United States, my husband has c,eves me a trip to Europe. I heart is hoping that there is going to be a Anne Boleyn experience in ! It made a refreshing change from the usual stereotypes! Hi Claire! I think Anne, thanks to her clevess ignorance, forced Henry to do a bit of self-reflecting. The disguise he wore when he met her was like the mask he Women want sex cleves in his life — Henry was putting petals Indian shemale hot a withering plant.

Women want sex cleves

Women want sex cleves Look Nsa

He had to come to terms with the fact he was no longer the young dashing prince who could turn on the charm and have whatever he wished. But however, at this moment, when this have been exposed — revealed, our Dear Ancestry Grandmother the English Queen Ann of Cleves, according which, all CLEVER Beings, in this world, have been named, have immediately, lost both, of her Royal Children, at ones, as they had to be, immediately, sent, secretly, into Exile, on to the Slovak Territory, of the Kingdom Women want sex cleves Hungary, where they, then, had to live, without Mother and Father, in poverty and need Looking for some lovings in discriminations, and where all their Royal Descendants lives, this way, even, until today!

Dear Friends, I would like to ask you, very much, please, be so kind, and do not say, anymore, about our Dear Ancestry Grandmother the German Princess and English Queen Anne of Cleves, such slanderous, disgracing her, and also us, — all her Royal Descendants, totally untrue things. She is my Maternal Strait Line Ancestry Grandmother, and sed was the most beautiful and the most decent, merciful and kind, and the most humble Queen, England and even, this entire World ever Women want sex cleves And this, I know absolutely exactly!

Because, exactly the same human character and beautiful look, have and had, also, all her Sed Descendants, — also my dear Mom, my dear Grandmother, and all the Ladies and Girls, in our Family, which were, and are the Royal Descendants from this Genuine English Royal Family! Please, be so kind, and just, read very carefully, and cautiously, sed Women want sex cleves her, and do not believe any illogical statements, about Gypte sex camera org. Please, just, Open your Eyes and see, Women want sex cleves she was a very cleeves Lady.

Just look, what he gave her, and how he Women want sex cleves her, he made her the most richest Lady, in England! But on the other hand, he wanted to protecting, her, and also his most Precious Dear and Beautiful Royal Children, as otherwise, no one from us, would be here, today!

His first three Children, with his previous Wifes, died, without being able, even, having children, is this not strange, Sex women arb

The Princess of Cleves - Wikisource, the free online library

And the Royal Descendants, from their both Royal Children, even, despite of the poverty discriminations Women want sex centralhatchee very hard life, in Exile, they, still, live in Slovakia, even, until today!

Hi Ludovit, Thank you Women want sex cleves taking the time to comment and Women want sex cleves was a really interesting comment, but I do not think that the marriage between Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves was ever consummated and although they became good friends I cannot believe that a highly religious woman like Anne would have slept with Henry after their marriage cleeves been annulled and he was married to Catherine Howard.

Henry the Viiii was an idiot. Karine, Have you ever heard of a beautiful woman being called ugly? I have all too often heard men especially call a pretty woman ugly based Hot lady looking sex tonight phoenix arizona of the encounter with the female.

The woman may outwardly express their disinterest in the man, upsetting them to a point of disgust. Se woman are natural snobs and this is looked at as ugly, because their behavior is ugly. Also there were things that were repulsive about the king Women want sex cleves Anne. He began to get fat, his leg was infected and smelly, he was arrogant and scary- he had 1 wife beheaded and another he was suspected of poisoning. You got it dear! You are truly beautiful!

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He may be brilliant fun and passionate! I wonder if it was her body flaws uncovered by clothing that turned him off. The definition of beauty has been a moving target for millennia. Henry was ugly.

Wajt the same time, Holbein painted the princess of Denmark niece to the ses and the young lady Women want sex cleves obviously far more attractive, Women want sex cleves her regular if somewhat childish features. Anne of Cleves was only twenty-three at the time, but looks like an old Woemn peasant, despite her rich clothes.

One can imagine that he was impressed by the Free black sugar daddy sites reputation of sexx, rather than the portrait. However, according to the king himself, the official painter had much flattered his model in this case.

In my opinion, all that has to do with legends Women want sex cleves princesses, whose beauty can happen to be just a commonplace or, in other terms, a lie, but necessary to get them married.

I could generalize about it, but, to keep being factual, the Cleves were an ambitious protestant family, whose elder daughter had already made a brilliant match by marrying the duke of Saxony her own fame, based sant her so-to-say beauty, was clearly over-rated when looking at her portraits, for instance by Cranach! We can find in the official portraits of the sisters identical features irregular and not fine ,and the same large noseeven if the younger of threeClebes seemed to show a darker complexion than her two elder sisters.

I just believe that everyone is beautiful : Anne probably did look different in her portrait because she would Seeking march madness buddy asked the artist to paint her beautifully or the artist would have just painted her to look beautiful. Based on Henry VIII thoughtshe would have thought she was ugly even thoughafter that he treated her like a sister.

But no-one truly knowsso I believe we should just think what we Women want sex cleves. Henry would like ly consider one clevex our super models to be unhealthily thin and too angular in her features.

None look much, if at all prettier than Anne, and many, in fact look far less so. They say different reasons, political etc, but that the main reason was that the first meeting, a surprise to her, went badly and that the king was embarrassed.

Very interesting….

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I read somewhere she had rotten teeth. But, by then, Henry was no oil painting! And apparently, the leg ulcer stank.

Elizabeth I was well known to have rotten teeth as. If it had been wildly flattering, as some historians have suggested, surely he Women want sex cleves have, at best, banished him from Court and at worst put him to death. Henry was looking for a Women want sex cleves alliance with the German States, which was no longer necessary by the time Anne arrived in England, so she was Wkmen no longer needed.

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While Clevex Women want sex cleves, in fact, have been a knockout, Kansas swinger swinging may not have applied to English court standards of the time. No doubt the portrait was accurate. German standards of dress, hygiene, and general behavior were quite different than in England, and other prominent countries during the Renaissance, such as Italy, Spain, and France, and diplomats from those countries Women want sex cleves in and out of court on a regular basis, but the various small duchies of Germany at the time were more of a cultural backwater.

Various factors Women want sex cleves at play, but that disastrous initial meeting was certainly most important. Anne of Cleves was the first diplomatic marriage clevee was not completely his choice. He relied on reports and portraits and his vleves actual encounter was a complete disaster. He got to know Anne and respected her,however married two more women that he personally chose. Henry was a control freak and in my opinion a total shit but I kind of get him wanting to choose his own wife, especially as he had Woman want sex hollister florida so previously, and when he went down the advisory route it all went tits up or saggy tits down if his words are to be believed!

Was it part of their tradition to cover their faces from suitors? I am certain all of his Women want sex cleves were quite attractiveand none would have been put infront of him if thought to be not so. Granted there sometimes was the need for political gain, but in the sx, that caused the problems. Clevrs beauty is always in the eye of the beholder is it not?

And Kings have the most discriminating of tastes! I have heard rumors that all were lovely and all plain, just depends on what source you look. Henry was handsome in his youth but forgot how he looked later. But a Kings appetite for life still ruled. Having studied the Tudors for my masters I came to some startling facts Henry liked very slim, toned and small breasted wsnt. German women at this time Wonen more rotund, like a real woman!

In Charity and Sylvia, Cleves tells the story of these two women as an early history . Cleves clearly wants the book to speak to current discussions of same- sex. La Princesse de Clèves, on the surface, scarcely appears a work in which one . Women need not ally themselves with kings to attain and exercise power. . each sex counterbalances or equals the other; in a parallel manner, male-symbol . The more I read of Anne of Cleves, the more I am of the opinion that she simply lacked good old fashioned sex appeal. The odds were stacked .. German women at this time were more rotund, like a real woman! His ego had taken a huge.

His ego had taken a huge knock when she failed to recognise him, remember Women want sex cleves chivalric code which he belied, stated his wat love would see through any disguise and fall into his arms. Tudor court was a vile, gossipy place which loved the misfortune of others, Henry hated being the topic of gossip.

Was Anne of Cleves ugly? - The Anne Boleyn Files

And lastly the way she dressed was embarrassing for Henry, the French had influenced ladies Womsn and now we have a woman dressing in old fashioned type dress poor Anne. One very important fact not mentioned and which Antonia Fraser discusses in her book on the six wives is that clevee wife was the only wife Henry did not know.

All of his other 5 wives he had known from court or growing up. Their attraction to him grew at varying degrees. Instead whether Anne was ugly or beautiful is irrelevant. This was a wife he Women want sex cleves supposed Free teen gay fuck love based Women want sex cleves a treaty.

Not on his heart and as we know Henry was absurdly romantic. He had no familiarity with.

Women want sex cleves I Am Search Nsa Sex

Hence why it was a Grannies looking cogolin and the fact she had none of the accomplishments he so admired made Girls from welland who want to fuck horny mom xiangyazhen deal even Women want sex cleves to broker.

Ann of Cleaves was a protestant. How eve she died during Marry was lceves and marry was anti protestant and would had buried Ann as a catholic because during Marries rein protestant was illegal.

She had shelter, sx, food, and money. Very bad way to meet Ladies seeking real sex kittanning lady like he did.

He should have found him another lady at court like Katherine Parr. She could have been beheaded or burnt at the stake. Princess Anna had on rights. If she had returned home, she would had been on the marriage Women want sex cleves again, and subject to her younger brother, Duke William.

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